Craft Parties.

Let the Clay Studio host your next party, family get-together, youth group, or friend reunion. Kids, adults, or mixed groups will have fun spending time together while being creative. We provide art materials, know-how, and inspiration. You bring friends, snacks/drinks & creative energy. 

Most projects take 1 - 2 hours of private studio time:  $45 includes up to 2 hours

of studio rental.

Enjoy a new kind of get-together:
Throw an Artzy Fartzy party!

Don’t feel bad about not reading the book, pressured to buy tupperware, or silly in a red hat (although all types of hats are welcome).   Our adult, kid, and mixed group parties are just plain fun.  Added bonus: you get to come back in a couple weeks and pick up something you made!  

Talk, create, play, laugh, help each other...crafting can be so Zen.